Winter it’s time to make new plans


So far 2020 was a special year. I accepted the end of the time as photographer. It was a hard work, but a very creative time. I painted 15 big oilpaintings, a lot of watercolours, skisses and drawings……there will be more oilportraits!

unfinished sculptures in Sweden 1993

It seems, that the hardest time is over. New doors are opening, new people I meet, new ideas and views I got. My paintings are getting better, that gives me new power… energy…….

Ende des Tunnels

I feel better every day, and I feel new motivation to work. It seems that everything comes to it’s place. There is nothing to be angry about anymore!

‚I am not a gorilla!’…..collage analogue….2020 by PK

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'Es gibt zwei Arten des Schönen: In der einen liegt Anmut, in der anderen liegt Würde.' Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 - 43 v. Chr.) 'Music is my life! Painting is my work! Art-Photography is my passion!' PiKey 'Ambitionen in der Kunstszene, habe ich keine, ich mache Kunst, das reicht!' PiKey 'Ich arbeite viel!' PiKey

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