New dawn

Everytime when I work with selfportraits, it is a new start in a new ’space‘ that opens, like a new level of making Art….I am a painter. I paint what I see. Landscapes, Portraits and nudes, beauty itself.

PiKey 2020

I start early in the morning with coffee and zigarettes…..just now I study and learn how to paint human skin, realistic or expressionistic….real or dream, but ‚reality is just a dream within a dream‘.

‚waiting‘ with my topmodel from the USA: Ida Saint-Luc

I still work a little with photography. Are you curious or interested to work with me, let me know. Always with contract. In spring 2021 maybe!

new dawn oil chalk by PiKey 2020

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'Es gibt zwei Arten des Schönen: In der einen liegt Anmut, in der anderen liegt Würde.' Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 - 43 v. Chr.) 'Music is my life! Painting is my work! Art-Photography is my passion!' PiKey 'Ambitionen in der Kunstszene, habe ich keine, ich mache Kunst, das reicht!' PiKey 'Ich arbeite viel!' PiKey

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