my studio

my studio in Sweden

I am a hard-working man, and the last months, I needed all energy for my job as teacher….

My backroom, to load my empty battery pack, is my studio.

Since three years I am painting with oilcolours again.


Nelly: Oilpainting by PiKey


TAO: Oilpainting unfinished

Since I stopped to work with photography, I have time and energy for my favourite work, to paint.

I was writing enough about my reasons, why i finished photography after 40 years work with it…..yes, there are stupid people on earth….but the most stupid one is me…I thought realy, that creative people are good people…..after a struggle with some fans, I had to accept that it is not so…..I had no chance to winn again lies and rumors , so I left the scene…Thank you K.B.

Testshoot 2017: Kathrin Brawand….couldn’t see the desaster after her visit in my studio….but life is life…..never again!

So, I work every day in my atelier with drawings, pencilportraits, oilpaintings and a lot of writings, a kind of working-diary. It is like meditation, to find back my inner peace. Just now, I can’t trust to anybody. Except my family, there is nobody to trust anymore. I’ve got too many troubles with bad friends.

there is no hope…oilpainting by PiKey

After 3 horrible years, I start to feel better and I accept all mistakes I made in my last life…..Sometimes I feel just happy without reason,or when you look in my eyes, or when nature shows his power, with a coloured sunrise early in the morning….

there is hope….

I love my new life as monk.

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'Es gibt zwei Arten des Schönen: In der einen liegt Anmut, in der anderen liegt Würde.' Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 - 43 v. Chr.) 'Music is my life! Painting is my work! Art-Photography is my passion!' PiKey 'Ambitionen in der Kunstszene, habe ich keine, ich mache Kunst, das reicht!' PiKey 'Ich arbeite viel!' PiKey

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