No more art, just work

Soon 50 years work as artist…..I still work alot with music and painting.
But after more then 40 years with concerts, exhibitions, workshops and a lot of artprojects, I lost the motivation to work with people from the artscene…..40 years i tried to inspire people, but I failed.
So I ended all puplicwork 3 years ago…..and I dont anger. It was the right decision. No more lies, denunciations, hate and emotional wargames,……I dont need it.
I continue my work, but now alone, as a kind of buddhist monk painter….I dont show my new work on internet. You are welcome to visit my studio and having a look on my new work, paintings, drawings and other things…..
PiKey summer 2021

my painting-studio….2021

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'Es gibt zwei Arten des Schönen: In der einen liegt Anmut, in der anderen liegt Würde.' Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 - 43 v. Chr.) 'Music is my life! Painting is my work! Art-Photography is my passion!' PiKey 'Ambitionen in der Kunstszene, habe ich keine, ich mache Kunst, das reicht!' PiKey 'Ich arbeite viel!' PiKey

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